Volume 20 / Issue 2


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On the cover: The Book of the Dead, papyrus, Egypt, 13th c. BCE

Ancient Seals and Modern Science

Using the Scanning Electron Microscope as an Aid in the Study of Ancient Seals

By: Leonard Gorelick and A. John Gwinnett

While ancient cylinder seals have been studied and reported in great detail, especially as to their iconography, there have been relatively few reports on their method of manufacture. There are none dealing with the microscopic examination of seals. Here we shall describe such a study using the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Cylinder seals (Fig. 1) […]

Ancient Cartography

Man's Earliest Attempts to Represent His World

By: James D. Muhly

The remarkable Chinese maps published by Mrs. Bulling in the previous article indicate that in cartography, as in many other things, ancient China was far ahead of contemporary cultures in the western world. This article is an attempt to document that statement by giving a brief survey of the development of cartography in the west […]

Ancient Chinese Maps

Two maps discovered in a Han Dynasty tomb from the second century B.C.

By: A. Gutkind Bulling

Among the many important excavations carried out in recent years in the People’s Republic of China three tombs deserve special studies. They were discovered 5 km. east of Ch’ang-sha in Ma-wang-tui in the province of Hunan. Best known in the West is tomb No. I, excavated in 1971, because it contained the well preserved body […]


A New Look at Old Excavations: The University Museum's Work on Crete

By: Jeffrey S. Soles

The island of Mochlos, a large out­cropping of rock about 350 meters long, rises from the sea just off the north coast of Crete east of the Gulf of Mirabello. It is located in the modern Cretan province of Sitia, and the mountains of the Sitian peninsula ring the island on its south and east, […]

University Museum Announcements – Winter 1978

Grant Applications Applications have been made by the University Museum for the following Federal grants. National Science Foundation: Center Support for MASCA: $258,200. Submitted December 1, 1977. National Endowment for the Humani­ties: Challenge Grant for Sustaining Support and Endowment: $1,500,000. Submitted December 19, 1977. National Science Foundation: Plan­ning Grant for Systematic Approach to Museum Collections: […]

Egyptian Papyri

The University Museum's Collection of Papyri and Related Materials

By: John R. Abercrombie

In a second century A.D. Greek epistle a well-intentioned father offers some free advice to his son, who was probably wishing for a more tangible sort of response. He tells his “sweetest” lad to offend no one and to give his studies his undivided attention, for in this way a man will profit, The father […]