Volume 48 / Issue 3


Issue Cover

On the Cover: Ladakhi roads, now paved for vehicles, often follow the same difficult routes traders once traveled from region to region. Inset, in a small town near Kargil, curious children listen to an elder explain his role in Ladakhi trade.
Photo by Abdul Nasir Khan. Inset photo by Jacqueline H. Fewkes.

The Meaning of Material Culture

By: Jacqueline H. Fewkes

The complex meanings associated with material culture offer many challenges for the study and interpretation of artifacts associated with Ladakh’s history of trading. Many of these artifacts highlight the difficulty of categorizing a particular region within a a single “culture area.” For example, if we displayed the artifact below in a museum, where would it […]

The Resurrection of Seven Clay Coffins from Nippur

Conservation Notes

By: Julia Lawson

The Mesopotamian clay coffins from Nippur in the Penn Museum’s Near East Section have a long and varied history. They were originally discovered during the University of Pennsylvania’s Babylonian Expeditions in the late 19th century (1889–1900). These were the first American excavations in Mesopotamia, as well as Penn’s first archaeological expedition outside the United States. […]