University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Volume 5 / Issue 4 (1963)

Issue Cover

On the cover: Collage of artifacts.

The Potter and The Farmer

The Fate of Two Innovators in a Maya Village

By: Ruben E. Reina

Chinautla is a small Maya town of approximately 1500 people, descendants of the Pokomam-speaking group which once occupied large portions of the southwestern part of the Guatemalan highlands. Today only a few thousand of these people are living in a handful of villages surrounded by Spanish and other Maya-speaking people. The Chinautlecos are located only […]

Saffron and Swan’s Grease

By: Kenneth D. Matthews, Jr.

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder but for thousands of years many persons have felt it appropriate to combat this philosophical thought by employing various techniques of deception, or perhaps we should say enhancement. As a result there has developed from time to time in the history of the world’s civilizations […]

Across the Peten to the Ruins of Machaquila

Photo of table-alter and men on the excavation team

By: Ian Graham

Any student of the Maya civilization will be aware of how incomplete a record there is of the ancient ceremonial centers of this people; quite large areas of the archaeological map are perfectly blank, and are likely to remain so for a considerable time, especially as there is no organized effort to correct the situation. […]

Sumerian Harvest Time

By: Miguel Civil

Busy with important researches such as establishing a tight chronological frame for Mesopotamian history, clarifying the role of the various gods in the mythology, or attempting to describe the psychological motivations of Sumerians and Akkadians, and with thousands of tablets still to be translated and edited, cuneiformists seem to have little time to dwell upon […]

An Unusual Winnebago War Club and An American Water Monster

By: Frances Eyman

In 1839, Caleb W. Pusey, scion of a prominent Philadelphia family, was in the Winnebago country of Wisconsin, taking part in a land claim settlement between the United States and the Indians. At Fort Winnebago Mr. Pusey acquired an extremely interesting war club, which came into our possession just last year. We know far too […]