Volume 50 / Issue 3


Issue Cover

Special Issue: 50th Anniversary

On the Cover: Members of the Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites (ASPS) set off into the Egyptian desert.
Photo by ASPS.

From Clay to Computers

The Genesis of the Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary

By: Stephen J. Tinney

Almost 4,000 years ago, a young scribe sat in a sunny courtyard in the ancient city of Nippur holding a small disk of clay. He stared closely at the signs carefully written for him by his teacher before taking up his stylus and quickly copying the line: sizu ima si baninsa. “She guided your finger […]

Is Your Mind Ready for Adventure?

From the Archives

By: Alex Pezzati and James R. Mathieu

“EXPEDITION—for the adventurous mind. If you’re puzzled about man’s fate, about his potential for greatness or failure in this sometimes frightening world he’s fashioned for himself…. If you’re curious about man’s development, the laws, religions, social institutions of which he is both slave and master…. If you’re intrigued by the continuing saga of mankind, in […]

Fifty Years On

From the Director

By: Richard Hodges

Fifty years ago, when Expedition was launched in 1958, globalization was a dream as the world enjoyed an era of almost unparalleled harmony led by a trio of leaders installed in 1953. Dwight D. Eisenhower was in his second term as President, serenely basking in popular acclaim. Nikita Khruschev, the leader of the Soviet Union, […]

Museum Mosaic – Winter 2008

Penn Museum Receives Planning Grant From National Endowment For The Humanities The Penn Museum has received a planning grant of $39,768 from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to support the development of an innovative exhibit entitled African Healing Journeys. Anticipated to open in 2012, this traveling exhibit will incorporate up to 300 objects […]