Volume 7 / Issue 2


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On the cover: Collage

“To Play Properly With A Glass Ball”

An Unusual Object in The University Museum

By: Murray C. McClellan

A curious glass ball (Figs. 1, 3, 4) housed in the Mediterranean Section of The Uni­versity Museum helps us to understand one aspect of Roman sport, and at the same time sheds light on the activities of the lower classes of Roman society. The interpretation of this artifact is based on two 1st century A. […]

Maya Practice Stone-Carving At Piedras Negras

By: Linton Satterthwaite

The five numbered “Miscellaneous Sculptured Stones” illustrated here were gathered by Museum expeditions to Piedras Negras, Guatemala, in the ’30’s. The site was already famous for the high quality of its sculptured monuments, and more were found by these expeditions, including carved fragments of monuments of known types which had been broken up and then […]

Current University Museum Research – Winter 1965

Museum Exterior

ALASKA – In search for ancient archaeological sites in the Noatak Valley. Summer season. Continuing. Douglas Anderson in charge. ANDEAN STUDIES – Alfred Kidder is compiling the publication of his excavation at Chiripa in highland Bolivia. ARGENTINA – anthropological studies concerned with increasing urbanization. 1964-1965. Ruben Reina in charge. APPLIED SCIENCE CENTER FOR ARCHAEOLOGY (ASCA) […]

The Electronic Detective and the Case of the Missing City

By: Elizabeth K. Ralph

The expeditions in search of Sybaris, directed by Prof. F. Rainey (University Museum), have been conducted in collaboration with Dr. G. Foti (Superintendent of the Antiquities Department of Calabria), Eng. C.M. Lerici (Director of the Lerici Foundation of Rome), and Eng. and Mrs. E. Mueller (of Cassano Ionio). From these and from other organizations, the […]

Aghion Oros

An Artist's View of Mount Athos

By: Emlen Etting

The visit to the Aegean about which Mr. Etting writes was aboard the yacht Doudouna, chartered by Henry McIlhenny. Other guests were John Knowles, Roderick Cameron, Perry Rathbone, and Theodor Roubanis. – EDITOR It was June 16th, Sunday appropriately enough, that on emerging before breakfast from our cabins on the Doudouna we caught our first glimpse of the Holy Mountain rising […]

The Museum Assembles A Fleet

Photo of submarine
Two Views

By: George F. Bass and Lloyd P. Wells

By George F. Bass It was surely the most exciting day of my life. When I stepped from the limousine I wondered if I would look in vain for a few familiar faces. But as we walked the length of the graving dock, I picked out Dr. Kidder and Dr. Young and so many of […]