Volume 8 / Issue 4


Issue Cover

On the cover: Gold jewelry in a recently purchased Early Bronze Age collection.


Oldest Greek Colony in the West

By: Giorgio Buchner

The Ischia project, sponsored by the University Museum in close collaboration with the Superintendency of Antiquities of Naples, was started in autumn 1965 with a two month campaign, from September 1 to october 31; a further campaign is under way at the time of writing (spring 1966). The 1965 staff of this project consisted of […]

The Wind God’s Breastplate

By: Stephan F. De Borhegyi

Any student of mythology knows that the many gods in the various religious pantheons of the world, as represented in sculptures, paintings, and manuscripts can be identified by their attributes, that is, by special symbols, articles of clothing, and objects carried in the hands. The science that concerns itself with the study of such attributes […]

The “Vanished American”

By: Elisabeth W. Russell

During the summer of 1966 there has been an exhibition at the University Museum of Cigar Store Indians–25 figures borrowed from private collections and museums. Except for the Blackamoor-type figure all of the “Indians” pictured in this article were at the exhibition. With them there has been shown a representative group of American Indian material […]

Troy and Ur

Gold Links Between Two Ancient Capitals

By: George F. Bass

The early Bronze Age in much of the Aegean, Near East, and Eastern Europe might better be called the Early Gold Age, for this is the time of the rich tombs from Maikop in southern Russia, through Alaca Huyuk in central Anatolia and Dorak in western Anatolia, to Ur in southern Mesopotamia, and even over […]

Current University Museum Research – Summer 1966

AFGHANISTAN – Reconnaissance and sherd survey to determine site of future work. George F. Dales in charge. ALASKA – Archaeological survey of the Galbraith Lake region in north Alaska. Summer, 1966. Herbert Alexander, Jr. in charge. ANDEAN STUDIES – Alfred Kidder is compiling the publication of his excavation at Chiripa in highland Bolivia. APPLIED SCIENCE […]