University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Edward Sapir

An Apache Basket Jar

By: Edward Sapir

One ordinarily thinks of the Apache as cruel and unprincipled marauders without either time or inclination, until recent years, for the cultivation of the purely artistic impulse.  Old Geronimo, the implacable foe of the United States Government, is the ideal of the lay conception of the Apache.  And yet few Indian tribes, if we except […]

Two Paiute Myths

By: Edward Sapir

The two stories that follow are selected from a series of Paiute myths recently obtained from Tony Tillohash, a young Paiute Indian from the southwestern part of Utah, a typically semi-arid section of our country characterized, among other things, by the washes or arroyos that are incidentally referred to in the first of these myths. […]