University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: George H. McFadden

The Cyprus Expedition

By: George H. McFadden

The Museum’s Excavations in Cyprus were resumed in the spring of 1934. The site chosen by Mr. B. H. Hill, the field-director, was ancient Curium. Mr. George H. McFadden, a Research Associate of the Museum, presents the following preliminary report of the undertaking, which it is believed will be actively continued in the years ahead. […]

Excavations at Kourion

By: George H. McFadden and John Franklin Daniel

The purpose of the excavations at Kourion is to trace the history of that ancient city in the different sites it occupied from the earliest times to the break up of Roman Empire. Two of the sites have already been investi­gated; the Roman on the hill of Kourion, and the late Bronze Age at Pam­boula […]

Sanctuary of Apollo at Kourion

By: George H. McFadden

Excavations were resumed in the Sanctuary of Apollo1 (Plan 1) on the 28th of April 1939 and continued until the end of June. During these eight weeks most of the fallen debris from the north end of Street 1 was removed; debris was cleared from the floors of a building at the western limits of […]


The Apollo Baths

By: George H. McFadden

Excavations were resumed on the site of the Sanctuary of Apollo during the first week of April of 1949. The area chosen was that east of the lower alley, just beyond the eastern limits of the area excavated during the previous sea­son. On the east side of this alley, and north of a large cave […]