University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: J. A. Montgomery

Babylonian Section – September 1910

The Pronunciation of the "Ineffable Name" According To A Jewish Text In The Museum.

By: J. A. Montgomery

One of the mysteries of Biblical scholarship is the correct form and pronunciation of the name of the God of Israel. This name consists of four consonants which may be represented in English by the letters YHWH. But the vocalization of the word known to English readers, “Jehovah,” is a fairly modern invention, arising in […]

Babylonian Section – December 1910

A Love Charm on an Incantation Bowl.

By: J. A. Montgomery

The incantation bowls from Babylonia are mostly of a prosaic and monot­onous character. As one of the bowls in the Museum finally proves, these vessels, properly inscribed, were inverted, dupli­cates being placed at the four corners of the house, so that by the process of sym­pathetic magic the demons might be im­prisoned. The exorcisms are […]