University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: William N. Bates

Casts from the Arch of Trajan at Beneventum

By: William N. Bates

Among the objects which first attract the attention on entering the Mediterranean Section of the Museum are the casts from the Arch of Trajan. at Beneventum. The original was erected in the year 114 A. D. by the Senate and People of Rome to commemorate Trajan’s beneficent rule, while the Emperor was absent on a […]

Mediterranean Section – September 1910

Sculptures from Lake Nemi

By: William N. Bates

Among the marbles which have been presented to the Museum by Mrs. Lucy Wharton Drexel are a number from Lake Nemi. They vary much in artistic merit and all date from imperial Roman times, but some of them reproduce motives from the great period of Greek sculpture. One of the most interesting is a broken […]