Vol. 60 / No. 3

By: Salima Ikram and Paul Nicholson

Sacred Animal Cults in Egypt: Excavating the Catacombs of Anubis at Saqqara

A recent excavation at Saqqara, Egypt, is exposing an ancient bustling economy associated with pilgrims and animal cults. Catacombs dedicated […]

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Vol. 60 / No. 3

By: Christina Griffith

Dogs and Cats and Birds, Oh My!: The Penn Museum's Egyptian Animal Mummies

While most visitors to the Museum are drawn to the mummified people from Ancient Egypt, humans are not alone in […]

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Vol. 60 / No. 3

By: Jane Hickman

Statue of a Cat: Favorite Object

Cats in Ancient Egypt were kept as pets and as sacred animals dedicated to Bastet, the goddess of fertility and […]

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Vol. 60 / No. 3

By: Paul Verhelst

Stone that Flows: Researching Ancient Egyptian Faience and Glass

Of all the materials used to craft objects in ancient Egypt, nothing catches the eye quite like Egyptian faience (thnt […]

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Book cover

Vol. 59 / No. 1

Exploring Sunken Cities of Egypt: Book News + Reviews

Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds By Franck Goddio and Auréliea Masson-Berghoff, eds. (New York, Thames & Hudson, 2016) 272 pages, […]

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Vol. 58 / No. 3

By: Charlotte Rose

Childbirth Magic: Deciphering Bed Figurines from Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians welcomed childbirth with ritual, using medico-magical spells, amulets, and various other objects to help ensure the survival of […]

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Vol. 58 / No. 2

By: Paul Mitchell

Tangled Afterlives: How an Egyptian Papyrus Became the Mormon Book of Abraham

After 2,000 years of repose, 11 mummified human corpses and a few scrolls of papyrus entombed at Thebes became entangled […]

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Vol. 58 / No. 1

By: Kate Murphy and Cynthia Susalla

Secrets of Ancient Magic: The Power of Spells, Curses, & Omens

In ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, practitioners of magic exploited symbolic words, images, and rituals to achieve desired outcomes […]

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Vol. 57 / No. 3

Stewarding Collections in Times of Change: In the Galleries

The current academic year has seen the launch of an exciting period of renovations and updates for the Penn Museum […]

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Vol. 57 / No. 2

By: Joshua Aaron Roberson

A Season in Hell (with Apologies to Arthur Rimbaud): The Annihilation of the Damned in Ancient Egypt

“I will tear the veils from every mystery: mysteries of religion or of nature, death, birth, the future, the past, […]

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