University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Region: Europe / Mediterranean

Babylonian Section – September 1910

The Pronunciation of the "Ineffable Name" According To A Jewish Text In The Museum.

By: J. A. Montgomery

One of the mysteries of Biblical scholarship is the correct form and pronunciation of the name of the God of Israel. This name consists of four consonants which may be represented in English by the letters YHWH. But the vocalization of the word known to English readers, “Jehovah,” is a fairly modern invention, arising in […]

Casts from the Arch of Trajan at Beneventum

By: William N. Bates

Among the objects which first attract the attention on entering the Mediterranean Section of the Museum are the casts from the Arch of Trajan. at Beneventum. The original was erected in the year 114 A. D. by the Senate and People of Rome to commemorate Trajan’s beneficent rule, while the Emperor was absent on a […]

Mediterranean Section – June 1910

Mr. Seager In Crete

By: George Byron Gordon

Mr. Richard B. Seager continued his excavations in Crete during the late winter and spring and has been successful in locating the cemetery of Gourna, the Mycenaean town cleared by Mrs. Harriet Boyd Hawes in 1904.  The excavation of this cemetery has occupied Mr. Seager during the season just closed.  It dates mainly from the […]

A Vase of Xerxes

By: A.T.C.

As early as 1762 Count Caylus published an account of a marble vase in the Cabinet des Médailles de Bibliotheque National, at Paris, inscribed with cuneiform and hieroglyphic characters. But at that time it was not possible to read the inscription. After some progress has been made in the decipherment of the cuneiform script, through […]

Babylonian Section – June 1910

An Ancient Plow

By: A.T.C.

An exceedingly interesting seal impression depicting a plow, drawn by two oxen, is found on a clay tablet with a cuneiform inscription in the University Museum. This tablet belongs to the Cassite period of Babylonian history, and is dated in the fourth year of the reign of Nazi-Maruttash, who lived in the fourteenth century before […]