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Volume 40 : Articles


A Personal Reminiscence

By: John L. Cotter

In conjunction with the 97th Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association, to be held in Philadelphia in December of 1998, the American Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum is mounting a small exhibit in the Main Entrance to honor two notable Americanises who have been associated with the University and the Museum for […]

From the New Associate Director for Collections and Exhibitions

By: Marilyn Norcini

I would like to introduce myself to the readers of Expedition and express my vision of museum work. My career in museums was founded on my curiosity about the past, expressed initially in a desire to trace back in time the common things we see today. Older styles of American furniture, architecture, and photographs captivated […]

New Perspectives on Shaker Life

An Archaeologist Discovers 'Hog Heaven' at Canterbury Shaker Village

By: David R. Starbuck

I had concluded a conversation. But informal conversations could often be very revealing about the behavior that was (or was not) acceptable within Shaker society. One day, when I asked Eldress Gertrude why a Sister never smiled in photographs taken of her, the instant—and fierce—response was “because she’s so vain.” On another occasion, when I asked […]

‘Those Nemi Sculptures…’

Marbles from a Roman Sanctuary in the University of Pennsylvania Museum

By: Pia Guldager Bilde

Frothingham’s arrival will be fatal to us. If this American remains in Rome, he will surely get hold of it all; he will take the cream, and leave us noth­ing but the skimmed milk.” These bitter words were written in a letter by the Danish brewer and patron of the arts, Carl Jacobsen, founder of […]

Faces of the Canaanites and Israelites

A new permanent exhibition on Canaan and Ancient Israel is now open at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. The over 450 objects on display were excavated from Bronze and Iron Age (ca, 3300-550 BCE) occupation levels at five major sites in Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, and Lebanon. This time period has tradi­tionally held particular […]

Frederica de Laguna and Her Reunion Under Mount Saint Elias

By: Steve Ferzacca

Anthropologist Frederica de Laguna (“Freddy”) began her anthropological career almost seven­ty years ago (Fig. 1). In 1930 she led an archaeological and ethnological reconnaissance of Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet in southern Alaska for the University of Pennsylvania Museum (Fig. 2). In fact, much of her research throughout the years was with the support […]

Introduction – Summer 1998

By: Helen Schenck

Few sites possess the lure and mystique of the  ancient Near Eastern mound of Ur, with its  imposing ziggurat and its so-called Royal Tombs rich in gold and silver treasures. Sometimes it can be hard to see beyond that bright and potent vision to a more nuanced picture of Ur as a vital, long-lived city-state […]

Musings and Visions from the Director’s Desk – Summer 1998

By: Jeremy A. Sabloff

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology’s collection of materials from the excavations in the Royal Cemetery at Ur is among the most celebrated of the Museum’s illustrious holdings. “The Ram in the Thicket,” for example, is illustrated in Janson and Janson’s well-known History of Art, now in its fifth revised edition (1997). […]

A Makeover for the Philadelphia ‘Ram Caught in a Thicket’

By: Tamsen Fuller

PHOTO 1. The “Ram” as it was before the new work began in May 1997. As conservators and curators discovered, the statue was at this point the product of a 1940s restoration of Woolley’s original reconstruction done in the late 1920s. In both of these incarnations, the front hooves of the goat did not rest […]

Rescue and Restoration

A History of the Philadelphia 'Ram Caught in a Thicket'

By: Yelena Rakic

  In 1928 Sir Leonard Woolley unearthed a find that has been described by some as the most beautiful object recovered from the Royal Cemetery of Ur (Fig. 1). Christened by Woolley the “ram caught in a thicket” (later shortened to “Ram in the Thicket”), this compos­ite statue of a goat standing upright in front […]