The Treaty of Renewed Brotherhood of 2002
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In the spirit of Chief Tamenend, and in the spirit of William Penn, we the undersigned do openly recognize the Lenape Indian tribe as the original inhabitants of eastern Pennsylvania. We acknowledge the Lenape people as the indigenous stewards of their homelands and also as the spiritual keepers of the Lenape Sippu, or Delaware River. And we do hereby commit to actively supporting our Lenape sisters and brothers in whatever way we are able to, for a term of four years, helping to maintain the cultural identity of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Southern New York. We will support the Lenape people in one or more of the following ways:

  • Hosting cultural/educational programs
  • Creating support for a Lenape cultural center
  • Assisting in Lenape language revival projects
  • Assisting in displays / exhibits of Lenape culture
  • Helping the Lenape people to obtain and/or protect sacred land sites
  • Encouraging updated curriculum in public schools
  • Attending Lenape functions
  • Volunteer service and support
  • Distributing Information
  • Financial Assistance

We also recognize that this treaty is good for a term of four years (August 24th 2002 until August 24th 2006), at which time a new treaty may be entered into. 

May these partnerships serve to heal the past, give direction for today, and brighten the future as we move forward, learning from the mistakes of some of our local forefathers, and may we together, bring to light the cultural and geographical significance of Pennsylvania, preserving this natural history for all of our children. May the creator of all things embrace us as we move ahead. Nanalakesh.