We are currently producing several works on Hasanlu Tepe.  Our first priority is a two-volume report on Hasanlu V and IV entitled Hasanlu Tepe (Iran): The Early Iron Age Citadel.  The volume will be the fourth in the series “Hasanlu Excavation Reports” published by the University of Pennsylvania Museum.  This work is being funded by a three-year Shelby White-Leon Levy Publication Grant.  We are also preparing a popular account of the sacked and burned citadel of Hasanlu tentatively titled Secrets of the Burned City: Hasanlu Tepe, Iran.  While the production of monograph-length final reports on the Hasanlu excavations is our top priority, we are also working on shorter articles for refereed journals.   At this time, we are preparing a manuscript that presents the data from the deep sounding excavated on the Hasanlu High Mound in Operation U22.  This stratified deposit spans Hasanlu Periods VII (the late Chalcolithic/EBA transition) to Hasanlu Period I (13-14th Centuries A.D.) and contains important remains of the Early Bronze Age and Middle Bronze Age as well as the Early Iron Age.  This report will contain detailed information on several subperiods that have never before been mentioned.  We plan to submit this manuscript to the journal Iran. 

The following series, produced by the University of Pennsylvania Museum Publications, are dedicated to Hasanlu excavation reports and Hasanlu studies.

Excavation Series

Voigt, Mary M.
1983  Hajji Firuz Tepe, Iran. The Neolithic Settlement. University Museum Monograph 50 (Hasanlu Excavation Reports I) Philadelphia: The University Musem.

Danti, Michael D.
2004  The Ilkhanid Heartland: Hasanlu Tepe (Iran) Period I.  Hasanlu Excavation Reports II. University Museum Monograph 120 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum).


Dyson, Robert H., Jr. and Danti, Michael D.
In Prep.  Hasanlu IVB: Burned Building I.  Hasanlu Excavation Reports III. University Museum Monograph (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum).



Special Studies Series

Winter, Irene J.
1980  A Decorated Breastplate from Hasanlu, Iran. University Museum Monograph 39 (Hasanlu Special Studies I), Philadelphia: The University Museum.


Muscarella, Oscar White
1980  The Catalogue of Ivories from Hasanlu, Iran. University Museum Monograph 40 (Hasanlu Special Studies II), Philadelphia: The University Museum.


Marcus, Michelle I.
1996  Emblems of Identity and Prestige: the Seals and Sealings from Hasanlu, Iran. University of Pennsylvania Museum Monograph 84, (Hasanlu Special Studies III), Philadelphia: The University Museum.



Popular Accounts Series

Dyson, Robert H., Jr. et al
1989  "East of Assyria: The Highland Settlement of Hasanlu," Expedition 31 (2-3).

Dyson, Robert H., Jr.
2004   “Hasanlu Tepe, Iran,” Dig Magazine (May/June) 2004. (Juvenile Literature).


Danti, Michael D.
In Prep.  Secrets of the Burned City: Hasanlu Tepe, Iran.  Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum.

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