An Ancient Plow

Babylonian Section

By: A.T.C.

Volume I / Number 1

An exceedingly interesting seal impression depicting a plow, drawn by two oxen, is found on a clay tablet with a cuneiform inscription in the University Museum. This tablet belongs to the Cassite period of Babylonian history, and is dated in the fourth year of the reign of Nazi-Maruttash, who lived in the fourteenth century before […]

The Eckley B. Coxe Junior Expedition

The Egyptian Section

By: D. R. M.

Volume I / Number 1

The excavations of the Eckley B. Coxe Junior Expedition to Nubia were carried on during the winter and spring at two distinct sites, viz., Anibeh and Halfa. At the former place Mr. C. Leonard Woolley cleared and planned a remarkable castle and part of a town built by the people whose graves provided us two […]

A New Departure

Volume I / Number 1

It is hoped that this first number of the Museum Journal will meet with a favorable reception on the part of the members, and of readers generally. It will be followed by other numbers at intervals of three months, with added features calculated to meet more fully the demands of all who take an interest […]