Oceanian Section

A Marshall Islands Chart

By: H. U. Hall

Volume X / Number 1-2

Presented to the Museum by the Honorable John Wanamaker As all the world knows, Robert Louis Stevenson lived and died in Samoa. His love of adventure led him in 1890 to make a voyage on the steamer Janet Nichol among the islands of the South Seas. During this voyage, accompanied by Mrs. Stevenson who in […]

The Bagobo

By: H. U. H.

Volume VII / Number 3

Some Notes on a Lately Acquired Collection “The owners of these islands,” says an old writer, speaking of the Southern Philippines about a century and a half after Magellan, “are those who people the mountains,” having retreated thither before invasions of more vigorous tribes (Moro), who hold the coasts and “bear themselves among those people […]

Maori Face-Tattoo

By: Gerda Sebbelov

Volume III / Number 1

A TATTOOED Maori head is becoming a rare thing. One large collection (the Robley Coll.) is owned by the Museum of Natural History in New York. Outside of this few specimens are known to exist and the University Museum has been fortunate in acquiring three of these in the valuable E. W. Clark Collection. Tattoo […]

The E.W. Clark Collection

General Ethnology Section

By: Gerda Sebbelov

Volume II / Number 4

New Caledonia Melanesia is the name given to a group of islands in the South Pacific lying directly to the west of Polynesia. The inhabitants of Melanesia differ both in culture and in physical characteristics from the Polynesians, some of whose productions were described and illustrated in the last number of the Museum Journal. New […]

The E.W. Clark Collection: New Zealand

Section of General Ethnology

Volume II / Number 2

The most important acquisition made by the section of General Ethnology in many years is the E.W. Clark Collection of ethnological specimens from the South Pacific Islands, which, as was announced in the December number of the JOURNAL, was presented during the present year by Mr. Herbert L. Clark. In this collection are specimens from […]