Volume XIX / Number 1


The Royal Tombs of Ur of the Chaldees

By: C. Leonard Woolley

Volume XIX / Number 1

THE discovery of royal tombs at Ur of the Chaldees is the out-standing feature of the sixth campaign of the Joint Expedition. If the report of Mr. C. Leonard Woolley reads somewhat like a story of the Thousand and One Nights, it simply proves that an ancient and sumptuous civilization had foretold in the same […]

The George Byron Gordon Memorial Collection

By: Helen E. Fernald

Volume XIX / Number 1

MR. ELDRIDGE R. JOHNSON has recently presented to the Museum in memory of Dr. George Byron Gordon, its late Director, a magnificent collection of Chinese carvings in jade, lapis lazuli, and coral, a large crystal sphere of international fame, and a number of other Chinese works of art of great interest and value. The collection […]

Recent Additions to the Collection of Greek Vases

By: Edith H. Dohan

Volume XIX / Number 1

A Bronze Age Cup Decorated with an Octopus NO one can travel far in the Eastern Mediterranean without encountering the octopus. On the table d’hôte of seaside restaurants are served neatly cut sections of his long arms, which taste, if one has the temerity to taste, something like our scallop. On wharves young boys swing […]

A Maori Feeding-Funnel

By: H. U. Hall

Volume XIX / Number 1

IN the MUSEUM JOURNAL for December, 1920, a number of objects illustrating the native decorative art of New Zealand were published. The photographs included a realistic representation of the face moko, or incised tattooing, on a figure which probably once formed part of a house ornament (Fig. 91). Two drawings were added which were made […]