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Explore ancient cultures while reinforcing goals from your students’ Individualized Education Programs. Our multisensory access programs intertwine academics with social and life skills, and are appropriate for students with cognitive, sensory, motor, mobility, and behavioral disabilities.

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Legendary Creatures of China

Real and Imaginary
Discover the animals of China and learn if they are real or imaginary! Educators share the historic and cultural stories of these creatures in an interactive presentation. Students will then use their fine motor skills to sculpt their own legendary creature. This workshop uses simple one step directions and a variety of choice, so students create personalized creatures as unique as the students themselves.
Middle Eastern Music

In this workshop, students learn to play along to Middle Eastern rhythms through simple musical notation and pattern-making. They’ll also employ their fine motor skills as they dance to the music with traditional movements of the hands and arms. The grand finale features a student jam session with percussion instruments.

Roman Marketplace
Do as the Romans do and take part in an interactive ancient Roman marketplace. This workshop highlights social interaction, emotional response, and functional mathematics in a simulated marketplace. Students wear togas, handle reproductions of ancient artifacts, and use all of their senses to shop the Roman market using differentiated budgets.
Mummy Makers
Ever wonder how and why the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead? Learn how to be an ancient Egyptian embalmer and prepare Mr. Ulysses Penn for his journey to the afterlife! Using fabricated mummies, students will explore mummification through each step of the process, including brain removal, evisceration, desiccation, and wrapping.Tools of the trade will be available for students to touch and a Jell-O brain to scramble. Using their measuring skills, students create natron to take back to the classroom, so they may desiccate a piece of fruit. This workshop uses life-like mummies.
Touch Tours and Workshops
Using their sense of touch, students with visual impairments can explore select objects in the Egypt galleries in addition to artifact reproductions. A hands-on workshop explores facets of ancient Egyptian history, from the process of mummification to hieroglyphs. All Touch Tours and Workshops are co-taught by guides who are blind or visually impaired and guides who are sighted. To book your Penn Museum Touch Tour please visit our partners at Philly Touch Tours.