Field Trips

The Museum welcomes your students onsite with a wide variety of programs for all grades and abilities. Create your own itinerary by picking from tours, interactive workshops, and International Classroom speakers, all hosted at the Museum. Contact us today to answer your questions and find creative ways to meet your learning needs within your budget.

Can’t come to the museum? We continue to offer our award-winning live interactive virtual learning programs throughout the year!

Guided Tours

Enhance your museum visit by booking an interactive guided tour! Experienced museum guides lead your students through gallery highlights, answer their questions, and share behind-the-scenes stories of the Museum.

Onsite Workshops

Explore ancient worlds through hands-on workshops led by experienced museum educators. Students learn how to use artifacts as primary sources to understand the past. Life-like props and replica artifacts give students of all abilities and ages fun, interactive learning experiences.

International Classroom

Learn more about world cultures, both past and present directly from international educators, artists, and Museum-affiliated archaeologists and anthropologists. International Classroom provides your students with opportunities for global learning.

Students admiring the crystal ball.

UnPacking the Past

The Penn Museum is thrilled to offer free program packages to 6th and 7th grade classes in Philadelphia Title I schools through Unpacking the Past. Teachers may request virtual or on-site experiences focusing on a variety of cultures represented in Museum galleries.

Children on a self guided visit in a gallery

Self-Guided Visits

Explore the Penn Museum on your own! Self-guided visits allow students to work in small chaperone groups to view the galleries. We offer scavenger hunts, worksheets, and even gallery games to enrich the experience and help your students discover all the Museum has to offer.

A monumental statue of the Buddha in the background of a Buddhist temple.

World Cultures Day

This free one-day program, presented by the Middle East Center, Penn South Asia Center, and the Penn Museum, provides high school students with an opportunity to expand their interest in global studies and gain a better understanding of diversity around the world. Students will hear from a keynote speaker, interact with international educators, tour the Penn Museum, and receive access to additional educational resources.

Students studying a Chinese scroll illustration.

Inquiry Into China

Explore Chinese culture and tie ancient traditions to present-day practices. Our educators use the Museum’s incredible Chinese objects to teach intercultural communication skills and promote understanding of Chinese influences in our daily lives.

The East Entrance of the museum.

Prepare for your Visit

Prepare your students and chaperones to make the most of your field trip.