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Field Trips

Explore the human experience through one of the greatest collections of ancient artifacts from around the world. A visit to the Penn Museum allows students to extend their learning and explore their curiosity through tours, workshops, and more.

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Guided Tours

Enhance your museum visit by booking an interactive guided tour! Experienced museum guides lead your students through gallery highlights, answer their questions, and share behind-the-scenes stories of the Museum.

Storytime Expedition

Offering unique experiences in our Museum galleries, Storytime Expeditions go beyond a regular storybook reading to grow appreciation for cultural diversity and develop empathy and critical thinking skills. Immerse your students in global education while encouraging literacy through listening to culturally-appropriate stories, exploring key gallery objects, and interacting with touchable artifacts.

Interactive Workshops

Explore ancient worlds through hands-on workshops led by experienced museum educators. Students learn how to use artifacts as primary sources to understand the past. Life-like props and replica artifacts give students of all abilities and ages fun, interactive learning experiences.

International Classroom

Learn more about world cultures, both past and present directly from international educators, artists, and Museum-affiliated archaeologists and anthropologists. International Classroom provides your students with opportunities for global learning.

School Adventure Days

Discover what the Museum has to offer through School Adventure Days. Students are able to explore the museum at their own pace and participate in drop-in activities and special performances.

Homeschool Programs

Explore the Museum with other students and families through special Homeschool Programs throughout the year, or book one of our traditional field trips to take advantage of the group rate with advanced booking. The Museum welcomes homeschool and cyber school groups into the galleries to enhance student learning.

Prepare for your Visit

Prepare your students and chaperones to make the most of your field trip.

Field Trip Packages by Grade

Maximize your students’ learning by pairing a tour with a related Museum Program. These trip packages combine an interactive workshop or International Classroom workshop with a guided tour to best meet the educational needs of your visit. Pick from one of the options below or build your own from our program offerings.