International Classroom

Learn more about world cultures, both past and present directly from international educators, artists, and Museum-affiliated archaeologists and anthropologists. International Classroom provides your students with opportunities for global learning.

International Classroom workshops incorporate key 21st Century Skills such as world languages, multiple perspectives, intercultural communication, and appreciation for cultural diversity. Programs are designed to enhance knowledge, skills and awareness that are essential to succeed in the increasingly interconnected global society.

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Educators in the classroom

World Culture Educators

Learn more about a country directly from a person who lived there! This series provides very personal student interactions with educators from around the globe.

Experts teach kids

Archaeology and Anthropology Experts

Our Museum-affiliated scholars share their experiences in the field through visuals, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions.

Program Formats and Fees

International Classroom programs are offered in three ways:

  1. At the Museum
  2. In Your Classroom (or other learning center)
  3. Through Virtual Programs

Booking Information

Ages See workshop descriptions
Length 1 hour
Price In the Museum: $125 per 30 students plus group admission ($8 per student; $13 per additional adult; all teachers with school ID are FREE)
Group Size Flexible (In the Museum: one adult REQUIRED for every 10 students)
Timing In the Museum: Tuesday–Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm depending on speaker availability
When to Book Six to eight weeks in advance


International Classroom Program collaborates with university centers and non-profit organizations with a global focus. Our current collaborators are:

University of Pennsylvania:

Non-Profit Organizations: