Museum Activities

Gallery Games

This two-sided booklet is a great resource for chaperones to engage their students with the objects on display during self-guiding time at the Museum. These activities do not require any writing and allow the students to use their cameras and social media if they choose.

Anatomy of a Museum Label

This two-sided infographic can help prepare students to take full advantage of the information available to them on museum labels. We recommend reviewing this sheet with your students before you visit as a way to prepare students for scavenger hunts and fact-finding missions.

Artifact “I AM” Poems

Challenge your students to embody an artifact of their choice in one of our galleries and write a poem from that object’s perspective. Encourage students to imagine what the world was like when their object was new.

Social Media For Artifacts

Who doesn’t love social media? This activity asks students to create a social media post for an object of their choice from one of the Museum’s galleries. They will need to read the museum label and use that information to create the best hashtags to represent their artifact.

Scavenger Hunt

This versatile scavenger hunt can be used in any gallery. Instead of asking students to find answers to specific questions, this activity encourages them to practice museum skills such as close-looking and connecting objects to their daily lives.