Themed Teacher and Family Resources

Want resources to help your students learn more about ancient civilizations and archaeology? Looking for ideas on how to prepare your class for an exciting Museum visit? These fun and mentally stimulating activities are designed to strengthen your students’ skills in critical thinking and object analysis. Organized by theme, these resources include math and mummy mysteries, ancient crossword puzzles, coloring sheets, plus links to helpful videos and articles.

More hands-on projects are also available at our At-Home Anthropology section. And don’t forget to visit our Digital Daily Dig page to access a comprehensive collection of 3-minute videos about extraordinary artifacts and other world wonders in our collection.

african bonze plaque from benin altar


Taizong horses


Sarcophagus mask

Cross Cultural

Roman frieze


mayan painting

Mexico & Central America

middle eastern carving

Middle East

three native north american dolls

North America