Archaeology Resources

An image of the activity Build It! Challenge

Build It! Challenge

Try to create the ancient structure below using only marterials found around where you live.

An image of the activity I spy… an artifact

I spy… an artifact

I spy... an artifact. Use our clues to find the mystery artifacts in your own home, in our Online Connections, and in our Virtual Tours.

An image of the activity Tree Scavenger Hunt

Tree Scavenger Hunt

Did you know archaeologists are also interested in nature? Use this scavenger hunt to explore your environment and study the trees that you find.

An image of the activity Sort it Out

Sort it Out

By sorting, Archaeologists put artifacts into categories based on what is similar about them.

An image of the activity Paint Like the Ancients

Paint Like the Ancients

Have you ever wondered how ancient people added color to their scultpture, walls, or art? Find out more about what natural substances make particular colors and make your paints at home! Raid your spice cabinets and even your yard to find all the ingredients for this project.

An image of the activity Drawing a Map

Drawing a Map

Humans have been creating maps since ancient times. Find inspiration in historic maps, then try creating a map of your neighborhood.

An image of the activity Yeast Watch!

Yeast Watch!

Sourdough is the oldest form of leavened bread and was made by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Learn more about the connection between science and baking in this edible experiment.

An image of the activity Sidewalk Sundials

Sidewalk Sundials

Sundials use shadows to tell time and have been used by people for thousands of years. Participate in this activity to use the sun, your shadow, and some sidewalk chalk to create human sundials.

An image of the activity Kitchen Archaeology

Kitchen Archaeology

Archaeologists are like detectives that investigate the lives of the people of the past. This fun kitchen exploration guides us into thinking about what clues we will leave for future archaeologists.