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Ancient Rome

students on a tour through the mesopotamian gallery

Middle School General Education and Inclusion Classes

Outreach Lesson
Experienced educators visit your classroom and engage your students in a fun, hands-on lesson about archaeology. Using reproductions of ancient Roman strigils, students practice the skills of observation and inference to “unpack” the story of the artifacts. At the end of the lessons, the visiting educator will review Museum Manners and go over the schedule for the upcoming trip.
Gallery Tour
Get an inside look into the Roman world with glimpses of daily life, politics, religion, and art. Ancient materials of marble, metal, and glass tell the stories of this influential civilization and their predecessors, the Etruscans.
Digging Up Rome
How do archaeologists interpret artifacts? Photos and video footage tell the story of Penn Museum excavations of the ancient Roman world. Students practice archaeological site interpretation, handle replica artifacts, and make observations and inferences to draw conclusions about the past.

Middle School AS, LSS, and MDS Classes

Outreach Lesson
Travel back to the time of heroes and monsters, when Theseus battled the Minotaur! Students will learn more about Ancient Roman geography and material culture through this interactive retelling of the famous myth, complete with a mosaic labyrinth challenge!
Multisensory Gallery Tour
Rome – Students engage with the gallery through dress-up, role play, and by handling ancient artifact replicas.
Roman Marketplace
Do as the Romans do and take part in an interactive ancient Roman marketplace. This workshop highlights social interaction, emotional response, and functional mathematics in a simulated marketplace. Students wear togas, handle reproductions of ancient artifacts, and use all their senses to shop the Roman market using differentiated budgets.
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