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Section 1
Mongolia Today
The Soyombo & the Mongolian Flag
Map of Mongolia Today
Links to other useful resources
Section 2
Mongolia Through Time
From the Paleolithic to Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan and the Great Mongolian Empire
Mongolia Under Foreign Domination
The Road to Independence
The Communist Period
From Communism to Democracy
Section 3
Twentieth-century Economy and Government
The Economy
Government: The Manchu Dynasty
Government: The Communist Period
Government: The Democratic Period
Comparison of the U.S. and Mongolian Constitutions
Section 4
Mongolian Culture
What is Culture? Political Culture?
Material Culture: The Ger, the Deel, and the Altar in the 20th Century
Mongolian Political Culture of Democracy from Genghis Khan to Today

Democratic Principles Under Genghis Khan and Mongolia's Culture of Democracy Today

Section 5
Discussion Board
International Discussion Board about Democracy
Section 6
Exhibit Information
About the Exhibit
About the Traveling Exhibit
About the Book
About the Website
About the Gift Shop
About the National Museum of Mongolian History
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