The Open Research Scan Archive (formerly: Penn Cranial CT Database) contains high resolution (sub-millimeter) scans of human and non-human crania from the Penn University Museum and other institutions. The archive is continually growing as new scans are obtained, either of specimens held here at the Museum at Penn, or via contributions from other researchers and institutions. It is hoped that the archive will become a clearing house for scan data useful to researchers in anthropology, biology, and medicine. Advances in image-processing over the last few decades have made it possible to do multivariate analyses of crania directly from CT's. These techniques allow for an unprecedented level of detail and will facilitate the understanding of the complex interrelationships of divergent areas of the crania. A fully equipped computer lab is available (for use by researchers wishing to do analyses of the collection). Those wishing to do research on these collections may either visit Penn, or

request specific scans be sent to them for research at their own institution.

What is the Open Research Scan Archive?