"The Origins and Ancient History of Wine"

This website based on featured article by Patrick McGovern in Expedition vol. 39 no. 1

This website is based on "The Beginnings of Winemaking and Viniculture in the Ancient Near East and Egypt," an article in Expedition Magazine, volume 39, no. 1

C o n t e n t s :

Intro - living out our past through wine

Neolithic Period - "chateau hajji firuz"

- wine for the afterlife

- under the grape arbors...

One of a kind laboratory
- ancient evidence; modern technology

Map - wine's whereabouts: then and now

The grapevine & tree resins - nature's ingredients



Patrick E. McGovern
Patrick E. McGovern is Scientific Director in Penn Museum's Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory, Research Project Manager in Penn Museum's Near East Section, Consulting Scholar and Director, Baq`ah Valley (Jordan) Project, and Adjunct Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. His academic background combined the physical sciences, archaeology, and history. Recently, his research has focused on ancient indigoid dyes (such as Royal Purple, the famous dye of the Phoenicians) and fermented beverages. Among many other publications, his book The Origins and Ancient History of Wine is the first comprehensive treatment of ancient wine. As a Research Associate in the Near East Section of the Museum, he has directed excavations in Jordan and published Museum monographs on the Baq'ah Valley Project and Beth Shan.


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