Penn Museum: Statement on Recent Events

The recent killing of George Floyd and previous deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many other Black individuals are beyond tragic: they are deeply unjust. We cannot remain silent about discrimination and systemic violence against Black communities.

We recognize that this museum was built on colonialism and racist narratives. We are working to change these narratives and the institutional biases that accompany them. Racism has no place in our Museum. We must do more. This is one of our highest priorities.

We can and will do better to fight against systems of oppression and for racial equality, to celebrate and amplify Black voices, and to be responsive to the needs of the community we serve. We commit to listening; to providing a forum for difficult and important conversations; to nurturing and learning alongside this and the next generations in our shared humanity.

To our Black staff, students, members, visitors, and Philadelphia neighbors: we stand with you, we are listening, and we are working to be the Penn Museum our community needs. Black Lives Matter.