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The Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) is a joint endeavor between the Penn Museum and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). CAAM offers the facilities, materials, equipment, and expert personnel to teach and mentor Penn students in a range of scientific techniques crucial to archaeologists and other scholars as they seek to interpret the past in an interdisciplinary context which links the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.

The Minor in Archaeological Science consists of six course units. Of these six, four will be CAAM classes from introductory, intermediate and advanced levels; one must be an advanced class with an archaeological science research component (the capstone class); and one must be a class in the archaeology or culture of a relevant area.

CAAM courses are divided into three tiers: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Since May 2017, the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials offers a series of 5-day intensive courses in the field of archaeological science. They are aimed at graduate students, scholars, and professionals with a background in archaeology or in a relevant field (BA/BSc required). All courses are taught by CAAM Teaching Specialists and Museum staff and are offered on rotation every 2-3 years with the final dates confirmed in the Spring of each year.


Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM)


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