Take in the fascinating story of humanity through an extraordinary collection of art and artifacts from all over the world. Our signature galleries celebrate the incredible and diverse accomplishments of people, and many of the objects on display come directly from our own archaeological excavations and anthropological expeditions. From stone tools and household items to architectural monuments and fine art — you’ll discover something new about the amazing lives of people spanning the entire history of humankind. Egypt (Sphinx) Gallery A monumental 13-ton granite sphinx is the centerpiece of one of the finest collections of Egyptian architecture on display in the United States. Egypt (Mummies) Gallery Along with ancient mummies, you’ll find carved relief, stone coffins, and exquisite three-dimensional sculpture testifying to the superb craftsmanship of Egyptian sculptors throughout history. Africa Gallery Fascinating artifacts, many from the colonial period of this diverse continent, include masks, staffs, musical instruments, ivory, and jewelry, as well as objects of everyday life. Canaan and Israel Gallery Artifacts from our late-21st century excavations in the Levant illustrate what shaped the identities of those who lived in the region in the ancient past. China Gallery An architectural marvel in its own right, the majestic Chinese Rotunda houses one of the finest collections of monumental Chinese art in the country. Etruscan Italy Gallery Engraved gems, bronze statuettes, arms and armor, terracotta vessels, fine bucchero pottery, and elegant filigreed gold jewelry all point to a once-prosperous and influential culture. Greece Gallery Ancient Greek society is illuminated through 400+ objects, including exquisite painted vases with depictions of ancient gods and myths, bronze armor, marble sculptures and coinage. Rome Gallery The artistic, commercial and technical achievements of the Romans are showcased through marble and bronze sculptures, engraved gems, jewelry, gold and silver coins, and celebrated Roman glass. Japan Gallery A spectacular sculpture of Fudo and a golden Buddha seated on a lotus are among the majestic objects richly illustrating Buddhism in Japan after the 6th century. Mexico and Central America Gallery Examples of the pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesoamerica include carved limestone monuments with Maya hieroglyphic writing and carved alabaster vases from the Uloa Valley in Honduras.

Year of Proof: Making and Unmaking Race

In the Artifact Lab: Conserving Egyptian Mummies

Imagine Africa with the Penn Museum

Sacred Spaces: The Photography of Ahmet Ertug

A visit to our special exhibitions will transform your understanding of the human experience through compelling narratives, unique objects and engaging interactives. The stories of diverse cultures throughout history and their varied perspectives are shared through a contemporary lens, making historical connections that are relevant to our lives today. We invite you to join us on a voyage of ongoing discovery! Bearing Witness: Four Days in West Kingston In May 2010, the “Tivoli Incursion”, a standoff between Jamaican security forces and a local gang leader wanted for extradition by the United States government, resulted in the death of at least 75 civilians in West Kingston on the island of Jamaica. This new exhibition—part art installation, part memorial, and part call to action—sheds light on those events through compelling video and audio footage featuring firsthand accounts of people directly impacted by the violence. Free with General Admission. Moundbuilders Ancient Architects of North America Moundbuilders explores the fascinating story of Native American moundbuilding through a variety of photographs, artifacts, archival materials, and excavation records. "What in the World?" Early Television Meets the World of Archaeology, 1950-1966 Penn Museum Archives’ new exhibition, offered in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania Provost Office’s Year of Innovation, looks back at the pioneering Penn Museum television program “What in the World?” Cultures in the Crossfire Stories from Syria and Iraq Nimrud. Aleppo. Palmyra. Ebla. These ancient sites and many others in Iraq and Syria have found their way to the top of international news today, as the destruction of cultural heritage becomes both a by-product and a tactic of ongoing war. The Artifact Lab: Conservation in Action Part exhibition, part working laboratory, a glass-enclosed conservation lab allows you to follow conservators as they protect, restore, and preserve pieces of Egyptian history. Objects Speak: Media Through Time This student-curated exhibition features 17 objects, drawn from the Penn Museum’s collection and spanning more than four millennia, that impart messages expressing power, influence, and status through diverse media. Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now Remarkable objects and contemporary voices combine to offer a new understanding of the first inhabitants of this land, as told through Native American perspectives. Imagine Africa: with the Penn Museum How do you imagine Africa? This interactive exhibition invites you to explore your concept of Africa and the people who have inhabited the continent throughout history. Making and Unmaking Race Are racial categories useful ways to categorize humans? Explore the history of race in this display, which includes skulls from the notorious Morton Collection.


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