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Not able to make it into the Penn Museum? Join us for a tour or workshop virtually! Whether you are looking to explore the collection, drink along with our Ancient Alcohol tour and beer tasting, or schedule a virtual game night with friends, there are plenty of virtual options for you at the Penn Museum. K–12 teachers, please visit our Interactive Virtual Learning page for programs suited for students.

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Friends and Family Programs

The Stories We Wear.

Special Exhibition Group Tour

The Stories We Wear

What we wear has meaning. Our clothing, accessories, and body modifications communicate important information about who we are, what we do, and what we believe. On this virtual tour, you will engage with some of the many stories told by the jewelry, uniforms, regalia, and other remarkable objects in the special exhibition, The Stories We Wear.

This spectacular array of adornment tells stories spanning 2,500 years of human history, from athletics in the ancient Mediterranean to tattoos in 19th century Borneo. Others, like a gown from American contralto Marian Anderson, are from closer to home, highlighting figures related to the city of Philadelphia. As you are transported near and far, you will find many opportunities to reflect on the stories you wear.

Program Length: 1.5 hours

Pricing: $300 per group of 30 people

Ancient Alcohol After Hours: Tour and Beer Tasting

Ancient Alcohol After Hours

Tour and Beer Tasting

Drinking together has been a tradition for thousands of years, and we have found a way to keep that tradition alive! Grab your favorite beverage, log on, and let us be your designated driver as you virtually explore how our ancestors partied like it was 5000 BCE. Participants will follow along as we check out one of the most popular ancient Greek drinking games (you should definitely try this at home), zoom in on one of the world’s oldest wine jars, learn about a Mesopotamian queen who drank her beer out of a straw, and learn all about the science that went into recreating the beverage served at the funerary feast hosted by King Midas. All the while you will be encouraged to participate in fun and interactive games that test your knowledge and invite you to share some of your most memorable drinking stories. Presented in partnership with Philly Loves Beer, this tour and beer tasting will be led by a mix of both history and beer experts.

This program includes an optional beer tasting component, which will be presented by Philly Loves Beer. Group members will be provided information about what types of beers to purchase, and you can drink along with us!

Program Length: 1.5–2 hours

Pricing: Please contact Group Sales

Ancient Alcohol After Hours: Tour and Wine Pairing

Ancient Alcohol After Hours

Tour and Wine Pairing

Uncover 9,000 years of wine culture around the globe in this virtual tour of ancient winemaking. Explore the role of wine in the human story from agriculture and trade to social life and religion. Learn how wine is fermented from palm tree sap—a method still enjoyed by many cultures today—and see what happens when you add resin, fruit, or even cheese to your glass! You’ll hear from archaeological scientists about ancient plant remains and grape DNA, and tour guide Janelle Sadarananda will answer your history and wine related questions along the way.

Drinking together has been a tradition for thousands of years. Log on, pour yourself a glass, and let us be your designated driver as you party with our ancestors like it’s 7000 BCE!

This program includes an optional wine pairing. Group members will be provided information about the types of wine to purchase.

Program Length: 1.5–2 hours

Pricing: Please contact Group Sales

The Sphinx of Rameses

Game Night

Venture to Egypt

Challenge your friends to a competition in this interactive collection tour designed to test your knowledge of history and problem-solving skills. See world wonders up close, and interact with others through fun chats, polls, and quizzes. A few lucky participants might even walk away with prizes! Game Night themes include Venture to Egypt or Around the World.

Program Length: 1 hour

Pricing: $200 per group of 30 people

Monsters, Myths and Legends

Monsters, Myths, and Legends

Where in the world do monsters hide, with demons and guardians lurking inside? With amulet in hand, come hunt creatures––small and grand. Curious about the origins of legendary creatures like vampires and werewolves? How would you protect yourself against snake-haired or intestine-faced demons? On this virtual storytelling adventure, staying close to the Narrator is strongly advised. Unlock the origins of what makes a monster and discover the tools you’ll need to face off some special guests that go bump in the night.

Program Length: 1.5 hours

Pricing: Please contact Group Sales

Queens, Warriors, and Archaeologists: Women of the Penn Museum

Queens, Warriors, and Archaeologists

Women of the Penn Museum

Women are often invisible in our accounts of the past, overshadowed by more famous men. This virtual program explores ways to find women through archaeology and anthropology, tracing stories of famous and not-so-famous women in the Penn Museum, as well as tales of adventurous female archaeologists who have excavated ancient sites and translated undeciphered scripts. Join us as we illustrate how different societies think of womanhood and gender, and see how women are represented and self-represent across time and space.

Program Length: 1-1.5 hours

Pricing: $200 per group of 30 people

Map of the world with objects and their locations

Interactive Virtual Gallery Tours

You control the journey by voting on activities with your fellow explorers. Tour through Egypt without breaking a sweat, or journey through Mesopotamian cities without aching feet. These virtual tours are highly interactive, with built-in polls and quizzes to keep you guessing till the very end. This program is great for families of all ages!

Program Length: 1 hour

Pricing: $200 per group of 30 people

Virtual Destinations Include

Explore the World!
Join the crew for a digital journey around the world. Discover amazing artifacts left behind by great queens and kings. Move from the trade routes of the Silk Road to the pueblos of North America. Your fellow teammates will help you pass some challenges along the way!
Destination Egypt!
Join the crew for a digital journey to Egypt. Examine art of the pharaohs to decipher their ancient codes of communication. Discover what mummies don’t take with them to the afterlife, and follow along an ancient story that explains why mummies are wrapped. Your fellow voyagers will help you explore along the way!
Destination Africa!
Join the crew for a digital journey around the continent of Africa. Explore a kingdom so rich they used gold dust for money, and discover the central role African civilizations have always played in world history. Your fellow voyagers will help you explore along the way!
Destination North America!
Join the crew for a digital journey around the continent of North America! See some of the oldest artifacts made by first inhabitants of the Americas. Hear stories passed down from hundreds of generations of Native Americans about the nature of our world. You and your fellow voyagers will encounter artifacts from many different Native American tribes.
Destination Mexico and Central America!
Join the crew for a digital journey around Mexico and Central America! Visit some of the amazing cities that filled this area before European contact. You and your fellow voyagers will decode ancient writing together. See the legacy of incredible civilizations, including the Aztec and Maya today.
Destination China!
Join the crew for a digital journey to ancient China! See some of the most ancient writings of early emperors, and decipher their meaning. Uncover the legacy of Silk Road merchants and traders. Discover a history encapsulated in beautiful artwork and inspiring monuments. Your fellow voyagers will help you explore along the way!
A Global Guide leading a tour

Virtual Global Guide Tours

What better way to learn about the culture of another place than to speak to someone who grew up there? Through the Global Guides Program, the Museum offers virtual tours led by Philadelphians who grew up in countries around the world. In addition to sharing historical information about the artifacts on display, the guides combine personal experiences and stories to interpret objects from their countries of origin.

Your tour options include

Program Length: 1 hour

Pricing: $300 per group of 30 people

Lifelong Learners and University Class Programs

Ram in the Thicket

Live with a Graduate Guide

Take a live tour the Penn Museum directly from your home or classroom! Graduate Guides with PhDs or master’s degrees in archeology and anthropology, are available to lead

These programs are now available for the Africa Galleries, Mexico and Central America Gallery, Middle East Galleries, Greek Gallery, Rome and Etruscan Italy Galleries, and Mediterranean Galleries.

Program Length: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Pricing: $75 – $200 per 30 participants

Interactive Workshops

Mesopotamian archaeological excavation


Journey to the City

Vividly explore the ‘cradle of civilization’ through artifacts from the earliest settlements, temples, and royal tombs. Learn how ancient Mesopotamian societal practices gave rise to the world’s first cities through investigation of Penn’s archaeological digs. Investigate some of Mesopotamia’s innovations: writing, law code, and professionalization of labor. Through interactive conversations, participants will discover how these ancient cities, in many ways, were not very different from their own.

Program Length: 1 hour

Pricing: $200 per 30 participants

Model of an ancient Roman house

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Embark on a virtual tour of a lavish Roman home to learn how to speak and write the real Latin terms for each room. Participants will look closely at classical artifacts that would have been used inside the house to better understand the day-to-day lives of ancient Romans.

Program Length: 1 hour

Pricing: $200 per 30 participants

Conservator working with an object

Preserving the Past

What role does a conservator play in preserving the past? Learn how we care for our ancient artifacts as you investigate the science behind deterioration and preservation by practicing the basics of conservation, viewing examples of conservation in the Museum’s collection, and discovering the incredible work of Penn Museum conservators.

Program Length: 1 hour

Pricing: $200 per 30 participants

How does the virtual program technology work?

The Penn Museum uses the BlueJeans Network as our virtual program software. This allows us to connect with most internet-supported hardware such as laptop and desktop computers, mobile devices, or even video conferencing systems (H.323).

Don’t worry—we make it easy for you and your group to use! Once your program has been scheduled, we will share the video conference link which is the link that everyone will use to join on the program date and time. Depending on the program and group size, participants may use their video and microphone, or the group may be muted during the program. A 15-minute test call is included in the cost of your program and will be scheduled with our tech staff prior to the event to ensure that everyone is able to connect easily.

Booking and Pricing

Click here to begin scheduling your Virtual Tour or Workshop with the Penn Museum. You will be contacted by our Group Sales Manager directly after your virtual request is submitted to discuss program details and to schedule a Test Call. Each 15-minute test call is scheduled one week prior to the program and is conducted to determine the integrity of the connection between the Penn Museum and participants.