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Current Projects


As one might expect with any multi-faceted research group, the Penn Museum's current projects are a mix of those that have grown out of archaeological questions raised by earlier findings—thus the expansion of the Mesopotamian Metals Project (MMP) to encompass the Luristan region on the Iranian Plateau—and those which break new ground both techologically and culturally. Noteworthy new projects is its contribution to an international program for the study of the early history of pastoral people of Laikipia, Kenya.


Above: Micrograph for a bronze dagger from the Iron IA site of Kutal-i Gulgul, in Luristan, showing the banding of grains that results from cold-working.
KT.A11.29 magnification, 200x
Etchant: Klemm's III

The Metallurgy of Bronzes from Western Luristan

Pottery Making Traditions in Northwestern Iran

Tracking Prehistoric Cattle-herders on the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

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