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Documentary Film

Telling the story of Science and Race

Tapping into the class interactions and the assembled University of Pennsylvania and outside experts, Penn’s CAMRA media program developed and filmed an accompanying documentary using the class content, designed for middle school audiences and older, and available below.

This short film includes interviews with panelists and audience members as well as discussion highlights from each of the Science and Race: History, Use, and Abuse classes.


The Penn Museum Public Classrooms


Directed by: Dr. Arjun Shankar, Andrew Hudson, Melissa Skolnick, Ore Badaki

Please be advised that this film includes images of human remains.

"For years, we have been living on top of bones and ghosts, buried deep beneath the surface. And we have been walking on them, and we have been trampling on them, and we have not been paying attention to them. And yet eventually these things come to the surface."

- Dr. Christen A. Smith, University of Texas at Austin