Breaking Ground and Gender Norms

Jun. 12, 2024

By Qi Liu

Penn senior Qi Liu examines the shift in the field of archaeology from a male-dominated discipline to one where women are in the majority.

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May. 28, 2024

By Jasmine Wang, Mac McKillip, Sarah Hinkel

Fengshui for the Afterlife

Penn student curators learn about the making of a museum exhibition by exploring the contents of a 12th-century Chinese tomb in context with fengshui and cosmology.


May. 14, 2024

By Expedition Magazine Digital Extra

From Egypt, With Love

David O’Connor’s arrival to the Penn Museum in 1964 ushered in a new era of Egyptology in Philadelphia and beyond. But the famed archaeologist was also a dad—connecting with his young daughter across continents with these whimsical doodles.


Apr. 30, 2024

By Sarah Lavin

Preserving Buddhist Murals

It’s been nearly a decade since visitors could see the Penn Museum’s Buddhist Murals. Conservators are working to bring them back into view.


Mar. 20, 2023

By Sean Billups

Ancient Glow-in-the-Dark Artifacts

“Technical analysis” is a term frequently used in the conservation field to describe the use of specialized techniques to examine objects. Those techniques can include using scientific instruments, special cameras, and lots of other equipment. Maybe that term sounds boring, but in addition to telling you a lot about an object, you can also sometimes find fun surprises. 


Jan. 08, 2023

By Chris LaMack

Archaeology Behind the Scenes

This past summer, our team from the Paleoecology Lab and the South Asia Center at Penn spent three weeks conducting preliminary work on our new South Asian Landscape Trajectories (SILT) project – and none of it involved excavation. A lot of it however, involved tea.


Dec. 12, 2022

By Cameron Findlay

The Process of Processing

Step 1: Acquiring the Objects Step 2: Bagging, Tagging, Measuring Step 3: Hand-Numbering Step 4: Creating Digital Records Step 5: Photography Written by Cameron Findlay, Penn Museum Intern (Summer 2022) Cameron Findlay is a senior at Smith College majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Art History, with a concentration in Museum Studies. She was one […]

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