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Galleries & Exhibitions

Our galleries celebrate the incredible and diverse accomplishments of people, and many of the objects on display come directly from our own archaeological excavations and anthropological field work.

Know before you go: We’re preparing for a palace! While our Egypt Galleries are closed for a multi-year renovation, you can see more than 200 Egyptian artifacts in Ancient Egypt: From Discovery to Display and throughout the Museum. Ask for our Explore Egypt guides at the welcome desk.

The Africa Galleries.


Connect with the great kingdoms and rich material culture of Africa through 300 objects from 21 countries.

The Egypt Galleries

Ancient Egypt & Nubia

Explore one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the United States.

The Asia Galleries


Marvel at one of the finest collections of monumental Asian art showcased in the architecturally stunning 90-foot tall Rotunda.

The Eastern Mediterranean Galleries.

Eastern Mediterranean

Unearth an ancient crossroads of diverse cultures whose innovations shaped our world today.

The Etruscan Italy Galleries.

Etruscan Italy

Learn about the Etruscan people, the first great rulers of central Italy from around 800 to 100 BCE, through the gems, statues, weaponry, jewelry, and terracotta vessels they left behind.

The Greece Galleries


Explore the far reaches of Alexander the Great’s vast empire through coins, pottery, and statues.

Mexico & Central America

Experience the vibrant heritage and diverse cultures of the ancient Americas.

Middle East

Trace the story of how ancient Mesopotamian societies gave rise to the world's first cities

The Native American Voices exhibit.

Native American Voices

Discover a living tapestry of Nations with distinct histories and unexpected identities, and leave preconceptions behind.

The Rome Gallery.


Come face to face with the people of the ancient Roman empire through artifacts ranging from miniature glass vessels to large marble reliefs.

Special Exhibitions

A visit to our special exhibitions will transform your understanding of the human experience through compelling narratives, unique objects and engaging interactives. The stories of diverse cultures throughout history and their varied perspectives are shared through a contemporary lens, making historical connections that are relevant to our lives today. We invite you to join us on a voyage of ongoing discovery!