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Object Conservation

The Penn Museum's Conservation Department is tasked with the long term preservation and conservation of the Museum's object collections.

Working with other Museum staff, our duties include:

  • review, treatment, and setting exhibition parameters for all objects going on exhibition or out on loan
  • setting travel requirements for all objects going on loan or traveling as part of an exhibition
  • working with Collections staff to provide the best possible environment for the long term preservation of collections in storage
  • providing conservation consultation for Museum staff, researchers, students, and the general public

Currently, we have three staff conservators, five Project Conservators, one Post-graduate Fellow, one Curriculum Intern and two Conservation Technicians. Additionally, we usually have a number of pre-program interns helping out.

The Museum’s Conservation Department was founded in 1966. In September 2014 we moved into newly renovated spaces, custom designed for our program. These include a large treatment lab with area ventilation; a walk-in fume hood; a separate office space; a "clean space" for working on textiles, paper artifacts, matting, and storage mounts; a digital x-ray suite and laser-cleaning station; a dedicated photography area; and a seminar room/library. These wonderful new facilities have greatly facilitated our work and made our Department better able to serve the Museum’s needs in the 21st Century.

Mural getting cleaned

Conservation Surveys

Object being cleaned

Conservation Projects