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Anthropology Camp

June 24 - August 16, 2024

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Penn Museum Anthropology Camp is designed for children ages 6–13 who will be entering grades 1st through 8th for the 2024–2025 school year.

Celebrate summer fun and learning through Penn Museum’s world- renowned collections. Each week features an exciting theme with hands-on workshops, expert talks, gallery explorations, and more!

The waitlist for sold out sessions can be accessed through the registration website. If you have any specific questions about camp sessions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 215.898.4016.

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Every day I picked my child up, he spoke about something fun, exciting, and usually brand new that he learned or had the opportunity to explore! This is one of our family's most favorite camps of all time!

Plan Your Summer Adventure

Camp group in the Greece Gallery. Campers building a structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows. A camper with an Egyptian exhibit. Campers using a gallery interactive. A camper with a homemade handpuppet. A camper making a diorama.

We Are What We Wear

Clothes and jewelry can be bold, bright, or subtle. We choose to wear things that keep us warm, protect us from the elements, or simply make us feel good. Learn about weaving and textile practices from the past. Explore the relationship between plants and our favorite colors, make your own necklace, and learn how ancient fashion has influenced our style today.

Engineering the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Learn about ancient architectural feats and make a model of one of your favorite wonders of the world. Experiment with building Greek temple facades and Roman arches and domes. Learn about aqueducts and the important role of water access in human settlements. Participate in building challenges and see how you compare to some of the great engineers of antiquity.

*No camp on Thursday, July 4

Wordsmiths, Scribes & Storytellers

Words carry power. They fill our favorite stories, help to identify important people, and preserve important events in the written record. Explore writing systems and symbols used by cultures around the globe. Learn about the importance of written stories and how they influenced the world. Design an Egyptian cartouche, participate in a cuneiform workshop, and write and illustrate your own epic story.

Global Grooves

Music is the soundtrack for the human experience throughout history. Learn how rhythm, beat, and sound come together to create music and explore how music has been used in ritual and celebration around the world. Take a close look at musical instruments and make an African mbira. We’ll hear a live musical performance and explore how contemporary music impacts our everyday lives.

Legends & Lore

Did you know that myths and legends can help us learn about the common and extraordinary parts of our everyday lives? Explore cultures around the world and listen to stories about animals, heroes, gods, monsters, and giants. Listen to creation stories, make an incantation bowl, and participate in a classroom puppet show based on a legend from the past.

Let's Roll the Dice

Explore the ancient origins of modern board games. Search for game pieces in the Museum’s galleries, design your own mancala board, and learn how to play two different board games from Ancient Egypt. Listen to stories from mythology that inspired some of today’s most popular table-top games. Participate in a game-building workshop to create your very own board game to take home.