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Supporting Circles and Visionaries

Our generous donors sustain the Museum’s transformative work and enjoy events that deepen their connection to our mission.

Three visitors looking at objects on display.
I love the Penn Museum for three reasons: it encourages curiosity, promotes learning, and celebrates diversity. Learning from history gives us a deeper understanding of who we are and who the people around us are. It gives us a much stronger culture, a much stronger society, a much more forgiving society. It makes us better people.
Robert M. Levy, WG'74, Trustee Emeritus

Supporting Circle and Visionaries donors invest in the creation of engaging new gallery spaces, educational opportunities for K-12 students and Penn students, and cutting-edge archaeological research through unrestricted gifts to the Museum. Unrestricted gifts provide critical funds directly to the areas that need it most, supporting all aspects of our work.

In appreciation of their philanthropic impact, Supporting Circle and Visionaries donors receive invitations to in-person and virtual programs that deepen their connection to our collections, research, and learning opportunities.

All Supporting Circles+ donors enjoy:

  • Unlimited admission to the Penn Museum for one year
  • 2 free guests on any visit
  • Subscription to Expedition magazine (3 issues a year)
  • Discounts on adult and family programming
  • 15% discount at the Museum Shop and 10% discount at the Museum Café
  • FREE admission to 1,000+ museums across the U.S. through the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association and Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM)

Supporting Circles

Two men having a conversation in the galleries. Overhead shot of the 2023 Leadership Dinner presentation. Lauren Ristvet and Eric Schoenberg having a conversation at the 2022 Golden Gala.
  • Invitation to one event with Museum experts
  • Recognition on the Penn Museum website

Join the Patron Circle.

  • Invitation to two events with Museum experts
  • One-day parking voucher

Join the Fellow Circle.

  • Invitation to the Annual Leadership Dinner
  • Three free guests on any visit
  • Two one-day parking vouchers

Join the Loren Eiseley Circle.

Envisioning our Future: Penn Museum Visionaries

Penn Museum Visionaries demonstrate a remarkable commitment the care of the Museum’s collection and communities we serve. Through unrestricted gifts of $2,500 or more annually, Visionaries empower us on our path to become an accessible, cutting-edge, and socially conscious museum.

To learn more, contact Jonathan Heisler, Associate Director, Major Gifts and Planned Giving, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 215.898.9017; or Catherine Perez, Associate Director, Annual Giving, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 215.898.3099.

Our 2023-2024 Supporters

The generous support of Museum donors has enabled us to unveil thousands of previously unseen artifacts, expand classroom and fieldwork opportunities for students, transform our signature spaces, and make the visitor experience accessible and welcoming to all. The Penn Museum salutes leadership donors for inspiring impact through their transformational support from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

+ deceased during 2022–2023

  • Donald C. and Ingrid A. Graham, Graham Foundation
  • Selz Foundation
  • Anonymous (3)
  • David T. Clancy, W70, and McCarroll Sibley Clancy
  • H. Richard Dietrich III and Ginger H. Dietrich, C87
  • Lily Ferry and Peter C. Ferry, C79, PAR
  • Ann M. Huebner and Ross Waller, PAR
  • Louis J. Kolb Foundation
  • A. Bruce Mainwaring, C47+, and Margaret R. Mainwaring, ED47, HON85, PAR
  • Frederick J. Manning, W69, and Gail P. Manning, PAR
  • A. M. Mulroney, CW57, PAR
  • Matthew J. Storm, C94, WG00, and Natalia Storm
  • Nina Robinson Vitow, CW70, WG76
  • Charles K. Williams II, Ph.D., GR78, HON97
  • Anonymous in memory of Michel and Nelly Abemayor
  • Estate of Janet M. Andereck
  • Areté Foundation
  • Hara Ann Bouganim, CW63
  • Meredith Dwyer Burke and Arthur J. Burke, C89, W89
  • Joanne H. Conrad, C79, and William L. Conrad, PAR
  • Marilyn Forney, PAR
  • Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., GED68, GR81, and Peter Freyd, Ph.D., PAR
  • Clare and Robert Gordon, PAR, and Ross C. Gordon+, C18
  • Peter G. Gould, Ph.D., LPS10, and Robin M. Potter, WG80
  • Bryan R. Harris, C83
  • Ina Heafitz and Lewis Heafitz, W58
  • Losenge M. Imasogie and Osagie O. Imasogie, Esquire, GL85, PAR
  • Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation
  • William M. King Charitable Foundation
  • Barbara D. Kowalski and Michael J. Kowalski, W74, PAR
  • Diane von Schlegell Levy and Robert M. Levy, WG74
  • The Merops Foundation
  • Amy Mishra and Arnab Mishra, W96
  • Andrew R. Moelis, C10, and Rosa Levitan Moelis
  • Robert and Susan Rosenbaum Foundation
  • Alice Louise Sachs, CW69, and Herbert L. Sachs, W69, PAR
  • David A. Schwartz, M.D., and Stephanie Schwartz
  • Sumitomo Foundation
  • Elizabeth Jean Walker, SW74
  • Gregory A. Weingarten, GRoW @ Annenberg Foundation
  • Leslie Berger and Paul C. Williams, W67, PAR
  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
  • Chingos Foundation
  • Albert A. Ciardi III, W88
  • Marie A. Conn, Ph.D.
  • Carrie and Kenneth Cox, PAR
  • Cason Crane and Fran McGill
  • David Crane and Isabella de la Houssaye
  • Kristin Davidson, CGS84, GED88
  • Julia E. DeGarmo, C95, and Douglas T. Dietrich, WG00
  • Lewis M. Dubroff, M.D., M71, and Elaine Goldsmith Dubroff, Esquire, CW70, L75
  • Exelon Corporation
  • Kathleen Fernberger and Ted Fernberger, Jr., W71
  • Gerald G. Forney, C71, and Barbara Forney, Forney Family Foundation
  • Asma Furniturewala and Irfan M. Furniturewala, WG01, PAR
  • Elizabeth S. Gephart, CGS79, and George W. Gephart, Jr., WG79, PAR
  • Janice T. Gordon, Ph.D.
  • Gretchen R. Hall, Ph.D., CGS97
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Jennie Meyers and Christopher Woods, Ph.D.
  • Walter J. Miller Trust
  • PECO Energy Company
  • Gretchen P. Riley, CW70, and J. Barton Riley, W70, PAR
  • Donna Conforti Rissman and Paul Rissman, Ph.D., C78, GR85
  • Alexandra Schoenberg and Eric J. Schoenberg, Ph.D., GEN93, WG93, PAR
  • Laird and M. Trudy Slade
  • Helen S. Weary
  • Jeffrey Weiss and Jill Topkis Weiss, C89, WG93, PAR
  • Agnes C. and Robert L. Bard Foundation
  • Matthew Berman, C94 and Melissa Brecher, C95
  • Lilly Blicblum Cowan, Esquire, CW68
  • Mark P. Curchack, Ph.D., and Peggy L. Curchack
  • Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
  • Kirstin Fisk Engelman and Jeffrey S. Engelman, W90, WG99
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Christina Forney
  • Allen R. Freedman, Ph.D., and Judy Brick Freedman, Ph.D.
  • Ghislain Gouraige, Jr., C80, and Marjorie P. Gouraige, PAR
  • S. Zane Grodman, M.D., C12
  • Fredrik T. Hiebert, Ph.D., and Katherine Moore Hiebert, Ph.D., PAR
  • Judy and Peter Leone
  • Frank and Sharon N. Lorenzo
  • Bonnie Verbit Lundy, CW67, and Joseph E. Lundy, Esquire, W65
  • Lisa D. Kabnick, Esquire, C77, and John McFadden
  • Elizabeth Ray McLean, C78
  • John J. Medveckis, PAR
  • Maria E. Mendez, C93, W93
  • Mary Ann D. Meyers, Ph.D., GR76, PAR
  • Rakesh Motwani, WG00
  • Nature Sacred
  • Carlos L. Nottebohm, W64, and Renee Nottebohm, PAR
  • George R. Pitts, Ph.D., GR77
  • Barbara and Tom Riley, Connelly Foundation
  • Frances R. Rockwell, PAR
  • Ralph A. Rosenbaum, C65
  • Nishat Shahabuddin, C14, D18, GR18, GD20, and Shawn Shafiei, ENG13,W13
  • Edward J. Solomon, W76, and Cathy Weiss
  • Jennifer Stein and Michael Stein, EE82, PAR
  • Juliet N. Stein, C13, LPS18
  • Lee Evan Tabas, C72, ME72, and Nancy Freeman Tabas, PAR
  • The John Templeton Foundation
  • Elie M. Abemayor, M.D., C78, and Judith Shandling
  • Benjamin Ashcom, Ed.D., GRD74, and Jane Ashcom, Ph.D., G64
  • Robert B. Bellinger, WG89 and Natalie Wilensky
  • William J. Brilliant, WG05 and Patricia Liu, WG05
  • Todd Carson and Elizabeth Tabas, C01
  • Lawrence S. Coben, Ph.D., G03, GR12
  • Cozen & O'Connor Foundation
  • Douglas K. Davis and Catherine L. Davis
  • Michael P. and Suchinda Heavener
  • Jacqueline W. Hover and John C. Hover II, C65, WG67
  • Jeff Cepull and Lynne A. Hunter, Ph.D.
  • Danielle Hutjer
  • Anne A. Kamrin
  • Janet S. Klein, ED51
  • Andrea R. Kramer, Esquire, L76, and Lee A. Rosengard, Esquire, L76, PAR
  • Laura Lattman and Marco L. Lukesch, C01, W01
  • Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
  • Christoper Ludwick Foundation
  • Melody L. Marcus, C92, and Laurance Kaufman
  • Susan T. Marx, CW66, and Mr. Philip Kivitz
  • Gregory S. Maslow, M.D., C68, M72, GM77, and Laurie Maslow, CW69, PAR
  • Missy McQuiston and Robert E. McQuiston, CGS07
  • Amanda Mitchell-Boyask and Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Ph.D.
  • Stanley Muravchick, M.D., and Arlene Olson, PAR
  • Sandra B. Portnoy, CW67
  • Jeffrey R. Poss, C88, and Judith B. Poss, C87, PAR
  • William L. Potter, WG88, and Joanne S. Ruckel, WG88, PAR
  • Katherine S. Sachs, CW69, PAR95
  • Sara Spedden Senior, CW52, PAR
  • Georg U. and Janet A. Simon, LPS08
  • George H. Talbot, M.D., and Sheryl F. Talbot, M.D., GM84
  • Steve Tinney, Ph.D.
  • Samuel Phineas Upham, Ph.D., WG05, GRW06 and April Thygeson
  • Caroline Waxler, C93 and Michael Levitt