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A New View of Laventille, Trinidad – Leniqueca Welcome

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine. Photo by Leniqueca Welcome.

By: Anne Tiballi

With funding from the Penn Museum, this summer I was able to travel to Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island republic situated off the northeastern coast of Venezuela, to conduct anthropological pre-dissertation field research in an area popularly called Laventille. Laventille is now infamous among Trinbagonians as it has been labelled one of the country’s […]

Viewing Tihosuco – Kasey Diserens

Kasey giving a talk to the students at the museum summer program about the colonial houses in Tihosuco, focusing on how to identify them and learn more about them.  Photo by Socorro Poot Dzib.

By: Anne Tiballi

I have just completed my third field season in Tihosuco. My work is part of a larger community-based heritage preservation project run by the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, part of the Penn Museum. My study is one of ten(!) sub-projects, all related to the history and heritage of Tihosuco, and many are focused on learning […]

How Dirty Can You Get While Excavating a Roman Bath? – Emma Brown

The happy author in her square. Photo by Jenny McCarthy.

By: Anne Tiballi

Most of my summers have been spent working in research laboratories, but this year I left the bench to do some literal dirty work on an archaeological dig. I went to Italy as part of a field school to excavate a bath in the Roman city of Carsulae, located on the Via Flaminia, a trade […]

After Excavation Ends, the Real Work Begins – Kurtis Tanaka

Byzantinist George Makris resurveying fields. Photo by Kurtis Tanaka.

By: Anne Tiballi

For a grad student in archaeology, summers usually mean being on the move, to sites, cities, and schools. Certainly this was true of mine—a simplified itinerary would look something like this: Athens, Rome, Athens, Berlin, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Istanbul, and Athens again. A peripatetic summer such as this reflects the many necessities and duties (or perhaps […]

Visiting Sites around Lake Van, Turkey – Rachel Cohen

View from atop the Urartian site of Ayanis.  Photo credit: Rachel Cohen.

By: Anne Tiballi

I just got back from two weeks in the Lake Van region of eastern Turkey, where I was doing pre-dissertation research on sites from the Urartian Empire (860 – 590 BCE). Specifically, my research takes a phenomenological approach, focusing on bodily experiences of archaeological sites: sights, sounds, textures, sensations of movement, and the emotional impact […]

The Shena of Senwosret at Abydos – Paul Verhelst

Summer 2016 Penn Excavation Team. Front row staring from the left: Dr. Josef Wegner, Dr. Jennifer Houser-Wegner, Alexander Wegner, and Danny Doyle. Back row starting from the left: Molly Gleeson and Paul Verhelst. Photo by Dr. Jennifer Houser-Wegner.

By: Anne Tiballi

For my fourth consecutive summer, I returned to Egypt to work on Dr. Josef Wegner’s project at the mortuary complex of Senwosret III, located within the ancient site of Abydos. As with previous seasons, I helped excavate around the Senwosret III tomb enclosure, which is part of a mortuary complex that consists of the tomb […]

Processing Pottery in Kenchreai – Gavin Blasdel

Using a Munsell chart to examine one of the several hundred small-handled stoppers discovered at Threpsiades. Photo by Jayse Weaver.

By: Anne Tiballi

Summer. To me, it means two things: Greece and archaeology. For the past four years I have spent all or most of my summers in the country doing archaeological work. It all started in 2013 when my advisor Joseph L. Rife at Vanderbilt University, where I was an M.A. student in Classical Studies, invited me […]


Finisia Medrano. Photo by Paul Mitchell.

By: Anne Tiballi

In 1988, the author Kurt Vonnegut finished a letter to the “Ladies and Gentleman of 2088” with the following lines: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The sort of leaders we need now are not those who promise ultimate victory over Nature through perseverance in living […]

Megara and a Mole-Hill: Roman Villa Excavation in Transylvania – Jordan Rogers

Christian, one of the reenactors, told me my head was too fat for his helmet! Photo credit: Corinne Watts.

By: Anne Tiballi

Even with training in classics and ancient history, my knowledge of the province of Roman Dacia, incorporated into the Roman Empire after Trajan’s two major campaigns in 101-2 and 105-6 CE against the Dacian king Decebalus, was partial at best before embarking on my first excavation. The lack of literary evidence concerning the campaigns, the […]

Foray into the Forests of French Guiana – Megan Postemski

Modeling the mosquito net #glamazon. Photo by Elizabeth Clay.

By: Anne Tiballi

Thanks to funding from the Penn Museum, I was able to participate in my first international archaeological excavation this summer. My destination was French Guiana (a department of France sandwiched between Suriname and Brazil) where I helped conduct an archaeological survey of the slave quarter at three different 19th-century plantations. This project represented the first […]

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