Confidentially, not so much

Hi everyone. Lynn Grant, Head Conservator here. Last fall, with a certain amount of hoopla, we started a series called ‘Conservation Confidential‘ which was a once-weekly version of the Digital Daily Dig. Well, it was fun but it was a lot more work than we’d expected and we’re already operating at reduced capacity thanks to the need for distancing. Also, we got very few questions. So, in this new year, we’ll be doing the Conservation Confidential on the last Friday of each month (Final Friday). In the meantime, we’ll try to be more proactive about blog posts and will seek other ways to connect with our virtual and on-site visitors (The Museum reopens this Friday) As always, if you want to chat with the conservators, use the Ask Us link in this blog.

Conservation Confidential: Scaling Up

Check out today’s Conservation Confidential, Scaling Up: Treating Monumental Architecture with Julia Commander, Alice and Herbert Sachs Egyptian Collections Conservator. Get to know the museum’s Conservation Lab Annex and the big things going on there.

You can also catch up with other posts in this series here.

Conservation Confidential: Tools galore!

Today’s Conservation Confidential, Tools of Every Trade: Conservation Ingenuity with conservator Lynn Grant can be viewed at You can also catch up with others in this series by looking in the Conservation Confidential section at Many of today’s stories and images were drawn from our 8 years of Artifact Lab blogging. If you want to know more, here are links to the relevant posts:

  • Molly’s tools:
  • Gel Cleaning:
  • Restringing:
  • Kitchenwares:

Conservation Confidential: Sphinx Gallery tales

Join Schwartz Project Conservator, Molly Gleeson, as she brings you up to date on what’s been happening in our Lower Egyptian Gallery for the last two years. Lots! Almost all of it pretty monumental. Molly will be available to answer questions via the Penn Museum Facebook page between 1 and 2 pm EDT on Friday, November 6.

Conservation Confidential: Moving Monuments


This month, the Museum is celebrating CultureFest so our next Conservation Confidential relates to some of the work done in renovating our Mexico and Central America Gallery. Project Conservator Alexis North will describe the eventful journey of some of the Maya stelae from the jungles of Belize to their current locations, with a few adventures along the way.

Conservation Confidential will go live at 1:00 pm EDT this Friday on the Penn Museum Facebook page. Tune in to watch and ask questions live from 1 – 2 pm. Can’t make the live version? No problem, you can see the archived version here, under the heading Conservation Confidential, and post any questions or comments on our blog.

Conservation Confidential launches!

Penn Museum’s Daily Digs have been a popular offering since their beginning in the fall of 2018. They gave Museum faculty, staff, students, and volunteers chance to rhapsodize about some of their favorite objects or subjects. The in-gallery, in-person versions had to give way to virtual versions when the Museum closed this spring and have continued as the Digital Daily Digs, every day at 1 pm on the Museum’s Facebook page. While conservators have often participated both in the gallery versions and in the digital format, on October 16, we’re starting something new.

Each Friday, a member of the Conservation team will ‘take over’ the Digital Daily Dig with something we’re calling ‘Conservation Confidential’ – a short intimate look at a conservation topic. In honor of International Archaeology Day, Julia Commander will lead off the series talking about her work at the Museum’s site of Gordion, in Turkey.

The inaugural Conservation Confidential was posted at 1:00 pm EDT this Friday on the Penn Museum Facebook page. This post was supposed to go up that morning but somehow the scheduling function didn’t work (This is Lynn Grant, Head Conservator, writing this and apparently I failed that part of WordPress). Please watch this great presentation, post any questions or comments on our blog and look out for a new Conservation Confidential this coming Friday.