Art conservation students visit the Artifact Lab

Last Saturday, I was pleased to give a special tour of the Artifact Lab to a group of students from the University of Delaware.

Group photo in the Artifact Lab

This group was made up of graduate students in the Winterthur/University of Delaware Graduate Program in Conservation (WUDPAC), a pre-program intern currently working at Winterthur, and undergraduates majoring in art conservation at the University of Delaware.

Several students gathered for our open window session

They arrived during our open window session, and then we continued the tour afterward, which gave me the opportunity to present some of my ongoing work and experiences working in an open lab. While I speak about my work every day, discussing my work with students who are learning some of the latest treatment techniques and analytical methods, and who have this information fresh in their minds, was incredibly useful for me. Since their visit, I have received some generous offers of sharing material samples and articles. I know that visiting the Artifact Lab must have been a treat for them, but I think it was equally rewarding for me!