Aubrey S. Trik

June 30, 1910—March 11, 1968

By: John M. Dimick

Originally Published in 1968

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Aubrey S. Trik

The Museum has experienced a grievous loss by the death of Aubrey Trik, leading member of the Technical Staff and an archaeologist respected by all of his associates here and elsewhere in his elected field.

Trik came to archaeology through architecture in which he took his degree at the University of Virginia. He joined the Carnegie Institution of Washington, participating in its archaeological work in Copan and Yucatan until World War II. He was a Lieutenant in the Pacific Naval Forces. After the war he joined the project to restore Zaculeu in Guatemala and became Chief Archaeologist.

He came to the Museum in the early days of Tikal and remained to become Field Director. After finishing the restoration of Temple I, Trik was placed on the Museum staff and was dispatched to numerous sites where his expert services were needed: Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan; Tell al-Rimah, Iraq; Gordion, Turkey; Kythera, Greece; Leptis Magna, Libya; Sybaris, Italy; Toshka and Arminna, Nubia.

At the time of his death he was scheduled to direct a restoration program in Libya if negotiations with that country were successful. The man and his talents will be long remembered by his associates. Helen, Aubrey’s widow, has been active with him in the field. She is now compiling a report on the graffiti at Tikal. The staff and members of the Museum’s Board extend to her their deepest sympathy.

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