Winged lion

Vol. 59 / No. 3

By: Adam Smith and Qin Zhongpei

Marking the Spirit Road: Funerary Stone Sculpture in China

The two winged lions that confront each other across the span of the Rotunda are the oldest and most massive […]

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Vol. 64 / No. 1

By: Adam Smith

Shining a Spotlight on a Sixth-Century Bronze Maitreya

Throughout Spring 2022, Penn Museum visitors will see updates to the light-filled Asia Galleries on the Upper Level, particularly in […]

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Vol. 64 / No. 3

By: Virginia R. Herrmann and Adam Smith

The Alphabet: A Remarkable Journey from Sinai to Beijing

The alphabet*—it’s a seemingly simple invention with a deeper history and longer journey than many people realize. The ancestor of […]

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