University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Alan Mann

A New View of a Neandertal Fossil Bone Collection

Science & Archaeology

By: Janet Monge and Alan Mann

The Neandertals are among the most enigmatic of our earlier rela­tives. With their large browridges, low foreheads, and projecting faces lacking a chin, but with brains at least as large as ours. they have prompted many different theories to explain both their evolutionary development as well as their possible affinities with living Europeans. Fossil bones […]

Reproducing Our Ancestors

The University Museum's Casting Program

By: Alan Mann and Janet Monge

A hundred and thirty-one years ago, quarry workers in the Neander Valley (“Tal” in German) came across the mineralized remains of a brutish-looking, primitive creature (Fig. I). For several years, there was considerable debate as to the nature of this animal. Initially identified as a bear by the quarry owner, the fossils were later considered […]

Surviving: A Lightning Rod

Exhibit Notes

By: Janet Monge and Alan Mann

“The exhibition promises to break new ground as the first of its kind to address aspects of human evolution in the broad context of mammals, and will be thought- provoking and insightful. It offers the framework and materials to address misconceptions. The [Museum] has the collections and intellectual resources to develop the exhibit. Although consciously […]

Technology of Casting

By: Alan Mann and Janet Monge

Making a Mold A mold of most fossil bones is made of two or more parts. When the design of the mold is being planned at the beginning of the molding process, a division or “partline” is made at the place on the bone that will provide the most efficient mold, taking into account the […]