University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Alan R. Schulman

A Faience Stela from the New Kingdom

By: Alan R. Schulman

Among the unpublished finds of the University Museum’s excavations at ancient Memphis in 1915-1923 is the faience stela shown here. It bears the Museum registration number E 13578 and measures 22cm. by 25cm. It was originally covered with a light blue-green glaze, which is still preserved in the upper right portion. Elsewhere the glaze has […]

Three Shipwrecked Scarabs

By: Alan R. Schulman

Among the objects recovered last summer by a University Museum expedition from a Bronze Age ship lost off Cape Gelidonya, Turkey* are three Egyptian scarabs which are of value in establishing the date of the wreck. One of the scarabs is of particular significance in this regard. On it, the god Re, represented as a […]