University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Allen J. Christenson

“Who Shall be Our Sustainer?”

Sacred Myth and the Spoken Word

By: Allen J. Christenson

Nearly all contemporary highland Maya ceremonies and mythic tales focus on creation, or how things first came to be. How a thing began its existence determines to a large extent its purpose and relevance in the present. The world in which the Maya live is difficult, sometimes cruel. It is a source of great hope […]

The Popol Vuh

By: Allen J. Christenson

“These books were seen by our clergy, and even I saw part of those which were burned by the monks, apparently because they thought [they] might harm the Indians in matters concerning religion, since at that time they were at the beginning of their conversion.” – Bartolomé de Las Casas Of the numerous hieroglyphic books […]