Vol. 20 / No. 4

By: Jak Yakar and Ayşe Gursan-Salzmann

The Provinces of Malatya and Sivas: An Archaeological Survey of Preclassical Sites

The Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University has in recent years promoted the active participation and collaboration of some […]

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Vol. 43 / No. 3

By: Ayşe Gursan-Salzmann

The Women of Yassihöyük, Turkey: Changing Roles in a New Economy

It is widely acknowledged that women are the mainstay of household operations. especially in rural agricultural communities, and their contri­butions […]

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Vol. 52 / No. 1

By: Ayşe Gursan-Salzmann and Evin H. Erder

A Conservation Management Plan for Preserving Gordion and Its Environs: Field Notes

In 1950 a Penn Museum team under Rodney Young’s direction began excavations at the site of Gordion in central Turkey, […]

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Vol. 57 / No. 3

By: Ayşe Gursan-Salzmann

A Day in the Life: The 2015 Field Season

Any description of life at Gordion must begin with the dig house, the center of archaeological activity now just as […]

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