University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Bernard Wailes

Excavations at Dun Ailinne

County Kildare Republic of Ireland 1968

By: Bernard Wailes

In June 1967 I was invited to the Republic of Ireland by Mr. John Cohane, of County Limerick, to visit with him the site of Dun Ailinne. This visit led to discussion with the National Monuments Branch of the Office of Public Works on the possibility of excavating this site at some future date. Mutual […]

Irish Archaeology

By: Bernard Wailes

The invitation to write an Expedition article on i was attractive, but reflection showed this to be an intractable task, due to the diversity of problems, issues, and types of sites being investigated by many workers. As an indication, about forty sites were excavated in Ireland in 1973 alone. Fortunately, a representative survey of Irish archaeology […]

Ireland and Europe


By: Bernard Wailes

Ireland: Archaeology and History The equation of ‘civilization’ with cities centralized government and literacy has long prejudiced us against societies dis­playing few or none of these characteris­tics. For societies of this kind with which they were acquainted—such as the Celts—the Greeks and Romans used the term ‘barbarian,’ with perjorative connotations that survive to this day. […]


Archaeological Salvage in Egypt: An Example of International Cooperation

By: Bernard Wailes

This issue of Expedition is devoted entirely to the involvement of the Univer­sity Museum in Egyptology, from the 1890’s to the present, and thus provides information directly connected with the special exhibition The Search for Ancient Egypt: University Museum Excavations 1890-1979, partly funded by a N.E.H. grant of $41,000, and co-directed by Drs. David O’Connor […]

Geraldine Bruckner

An Appreciation by Past and Present Expedition Staff

By: Erle Leichty and James Muhly and Barbara Murray and Martha Phillips and Jennifer Quick and Bernard Wailes

Geraldine Bruckner, aged eighty-two and Expedition’s Associate Editor, died on 9 August 1983 after a short illness. It would be fair to say that The University Museum has lost an institution, as Geraldine had worked here continuously since 1921 and was a living respository of Museum history and lore. It was particularly appropriate that Geraldine […]

Defining (Kel’tik)

The Case of the Insular Celts

By: Bernard Wailes

In decades past, archaeologists in search of clues to the ori¬gin of ethnic groups like the Celts tended to equate language, culture, and biology. If a site contained a “Celtic” type of brooch or house style, it must have been inhabited by people who spoke a Celtic languages ands who were the ancestors of present-day people who call themselves Celtic. We now […]