University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Bonita Freeman-Witthof

Formal Games in the Cherokee Ritual Cycle

By: Bonita Freeman-Witthof

The Scientific Study of Games The formal games of western civilization have intrigued generations of scholars (see Expedition Vol. 27, No. 2). Each set of games, such as dice games, board games, card games, and team sports, has a long and complex history, as it changed and evolved over thousands of years. When Europeans entered […]

Cherokee Indian Craftswomen and the Economy of Basketry

By: Bonita Freeman-Witthof

Cherokee, North Carolina did an eighteen million dollar tourist business in 1972. Much of this money went to outsiders who held leases on motels, restaurants, and tourist shops on the Qualla Boundary, land of the Corporation of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. Many of the tourists who came there to look at Indians saw little […]